The Instagram Game

Oh look, even though my welcome post was more than “Hi, world”, I have another post for you already. Don’t let this set a precedent, I swear my posting here will likely be sporadic, as working on my first book is the priority. My flash fiction blog will still always post on Tuesdays, but I reserve the right to go on hiatus if the novel looms large.

As the stay-at-home mother of an adventurous and energetic toddler, I can’t wake up and do leisurely morning pages. I can’t even maintain an uninterrupted thought. When you throw a new puppy in to the mix, well… I just find it so hard to believe something has more energy than my baby girl.

I’ve found my ways to adapt, choosing my mental focus with my morning coffee and carrying a notebook with me everywhere helps. I find creative projects that allow me to zone out with an eye on my toddler to get that inner muse to start speaking when she won’t let me write. Some pursuits generate more ideas than others, but when we moved we only brought one car load of things with us, and most of my toys (why did I leave my knitting and coloring books?) are back in the trailer.

Except for the 4k camcorder Mom gave me, and my little camera that was used to chase bugs around the yard. No way they weren’t coming to New York. Photography wasn’t really a pursuit that generated a lot of ideas for my fiction, but it is something that I enjoy.

And then I had a fortunate accident. My toddler decided the above mentioned camera I used for macro shots could fly, but instead it fell two stories and bounced on the cement patio below. So, I was limited to a cell phone and a camcorder that I still barely know how to use, and I’m in a beautiful new home within a stone’s throw to a nature preserve. Cell phone photography. The opposite of my quest to see the world in glorious definition.

I decided to see it in the best way possible. At the time, we didn’t have WiFi yet, so it would be easier to get images on my blog, now I wasn’t feeding them through the computer and Gimp for adjustments. Instead, I could try that Instagram thing all the kids are doing, and simplify my editing process. After all, I’m not a professional photographer, and I wasn’t taking pictures of a lot of interesting subjects. Just tarot cards and local plants or insects so I could see them more easily with my horrible eyes. The eyes that made me laugh when editing and I saw the first sentence of this paragraph.

The process of adding a little mood to the photo was so simple, it began to feel a little like a video game to find and collect bits and pieces of the world around me. Kind of like the simplistic form of photography in one of the Sims games, where you go on vacation and get a camera, then it gives you “collections” you fill by having your sim take photos. In the process, you see the game through their eyes. Thinking of video games while taking pictures, specifically the sims where you play real life, started making connections with my creativity, and a little magic happened.

Next thing I know, that experience led to me being a photographer through my character’s eyes, or through the eyes of a private detective investigating them, or a cop investigating their murder. The muse within me lit up, stopped taking photography so seriously, and started playing. Awesome. So much awesome.

Sometimes my daughter is still so distracting that the experience doesn’t flow that well, but the game is a habit that is a constant reminder for my mind to play with my environment without the need to come up with words and phrases; putting the pressure elsewhere, letting me keep my observation focused on the dreary or haunted in the well-manicured lawns of the new ‘hood, finding the decay even when the neighborhood would rather I didn’t, the twisted heart in the gleaming homes around me.

Because no words are needed, talking to her doesn’t interrupt the train of thought as badly. If words do come, my notebook is always handy so I can record the initial idea and then set it aside.

I saw a pattern emerging. When trying to play with my new camcorder, it is all I’m focused on. I enter a calm, meditative state while enjoying interacting with the natural world in any small way I can. The kind of relaxation I try to work into my writing routine, but it wasn’t producing story ideas or words. I’ve had ideas for video projects that might help me promote my writing, but it wasn’t interacting with the writing process itself.

It was the Instagram game that was stimulating my creativity, enhancing my observation and refining ideas for making images interact with my stories. Like playing in adult coloring books rather than attempting to draw a masterpiece. Also, of course, always with me when my camcorder wasn’t.

It made sense. Photographers talk about telling stories with photos, and writers use photos as prompts to help overcome writer’s block. I’ve browsed a few articles on Instagram, but being new to it, I’ve not run across a lot on using it in creative exercises. Yet, it’s happening in one of those synergistic ways that is just magic. I’m thinking about ways to express the element of air rather than how to improve my camera’s focus, and words expressing air are happening right alongside of it.

Naturally I’ve decided every bit of flash must now have a photo from the game, which means that walks with my baby have turned into something that keeps me focused on my fiction rather than the beauty of small treasures in the flowers and hollows of trees, where nature will trap my attention. It’s a perfect fit for the way I’m living my life right now.

RIP, Craigslist freebie camera, my old and dear friend. You will be missed briefly, and eventually replaced with something cooler.

P.S – If you have a toddler and you stop frequently for pictures or writing, be prepared to reward them for their patience with a park or somewhere else to run around wild for a while, or they will not be happy campers, even if you brought along toys and snacks.

P.P.S. – This shit directly led to a film. Like, newbie film student level film.

I’d embed it, but apparently if you are silly enough to pay for an upgrade, it becomes more difficult to embed a video so enjoy your old-school link.

P.P.P.S. – I am working on self photography, and it’s making me feel a little creepy. Because of who I am, this tells me it’s something I need to do more, and it’s time to put my own image out there.

The View From Here: Welcome

This is where I pitch to you. I make promises about my content, and what you will expect to see from me in the future. You have enough voices to listen to, what about mine might be fresh or exciting?

Right now, when you look out of my windows, you see a land lush with prosperity. Every window shows well tended yards edged with ferns and mosses, homes beaming with verdant pride in the shadow of what was old-growth forest. When you look within, you find our family with holes still in their clothing. This is not our house, it has only shortly been our home.

This home is a haven for Joe’s coworkers. New York can be hard to find housing in, and men in Joe’s field are often willing to travel for the paycheck, so they stay here while they work or until they find their own housing. Joe stayed here for a few months, while we sat in Oklahoma and missed him. Then when his roommate was moving out, he got his boss (the landlord) to agree to let the whole family move in for a while.

Our new landlord agreed to let us stay as long as we like, so we can take a breather in the struggle to pull our pennies together and crawl out of decades of poverty as fast as we can; a chance to accumulate some comfort before we start the work of moving to land ownership again.

A chain of bachelors and men away from their families has been living here. It seems many of them weren’t very up on their chores. The owner has been living elsewhere while renovating. His children’s trophies were still gathering dust in the corners, paperbacks and photos haunt several nooks and crannies, and there was still plenty of dog hair from a dog that hasn’t lived here for some time. Every time I sweep and mop, my feet still end up getting black again fairly quickly. The concrete parts of the floor seem to trap every scrap of dirt and release it when it would be most inconvenient, and my cleaning supplies are paltry. I have no idea whose clothes are in the closets. The place is beautiful though, the chores are worth it.

This house has a voice. It’s full of clicks, and trickles and hums. It has a chill when it shouldn’t, the floor is dusty, it feels like I’m alone when I’m not, and not alone when I am. Stranger’s belongings, flickering lights, unfamiliar noises, in suburbs so perfect they make me wary. Given that I love to play in the shadows, I’m having fun.

I like to pretend the renovation is to cover up the scene of a murder, and I have a blast creeping myself out so much I’m a little reluctant to open my eyes when the house starts talking at night. I enjoy wandering around with my cell phone camera, looking for things to distort somehow, twisted perspectives to help feed my muse.

I love the unsettled feeling of a fresh move, the surreal sensations when enjoying culture shock. I love the metaphor of a groaning home that’s slightly damaged in places, in transition, wiping off the scars of its long history as it is renovated for a new phase of existence. It’s been glorious.

The shadows of my heart where the muse plays has responded with project ideas, images, words, and connections springing forth in a rush. I’ve been here only a little over a month, and I’m just now reigning it in, making myself settle down and focus to polish off the best of the creative wave and make something real of it.

Naturally, I’ve decided to renovate my writing practice as much as my new home.

I noticed at some point that my flash fiction blog looks a lot better when I keep any mentions of my life down to a brief P.S. and stick to just fiction under 500 words. But I miss talking about my life. I like talking about nature, creative projects, the beautiful things I see, the haunted things that move me, the adventures I’ve had, and the things I think you should experience in my voice, because I promise you my perspective is unusual.

Therefore, this blog is here, and so are you. And you should click follow and stay, because while I might not post on a regular schedule yet (not going to commit to anything until I see how well I can work it in around other creative projects), when I do post something, it could be about a subject you very much enjoy.