Fresh Start

I’m doing a little restructuring of my blogging habits. Once upon a time, there was another blog, one that held all of my fiction, and here I talked about my life as a writer. In the process of keeping two blogs, I began to realize that blogging was eating into writing time that could be spent focusing on working toward a novel. Writing time is precious when you are raising a small child. So, I took some time away from the blogs, hoping to rectify that. It didn’t work. Probably because 2020 is a cesspool.

I think writing the occasional bit of flash was keeping my creativity flowing, so I need to return to it. However, it’s with a different goal. I’d like to develop a little town with the possibility of recurring characters and settings. I’d also like to remove my personal goal of keeping stories around 500 words, while it’s helped my berevity, it seems to have damaged my ability to develop things into longer stories. To this end, I’ve taken all of my writings of of both blogs, because projects I’ve babbled about are shelved, and many of my previous stories will be revised, developed more, and re-released.

So. October is a few days away, and that’s the coolest month of the year. Last year, I participated a little in Grim List, a Twitter prompt game. Even back then, I kept thinking about this little town I’m about to finally focus on developing, as last year one of the prompts led me to write a little snippet from the town’s local newspaper. Here is information about Grim List, and the next post will be a slightly revised version of last year’s piece, to introduce the town.

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