At some point

I realized the journalist I was writing about was the narrator of another story idea I had shelved, that she had written a “true crime” novella (set in this fictitious city) that the locals were quite proud of. So, I seem to now be spending some time working on that novella idea, with her as the voice. I’m writing the book my character wrote, I’m going to make the book do quite well within the story, it all feels a little vain and creepy, and I’m going to do it anyway because I can.

It’s a simple story though, and one I’ve been in love with for a long time, but have avoided writing because it’s kind of really dark. That’s a lot, from me.

Well, I have a new laptop.

But, obviously, I didn’t get to finish participating in Grim List. I have decided to take the story idea and develop it into a novella. However, I think I want to smooth out some world building details first. I’ll probably post some flash while I world build. While I think about Liffey, I’ll probably be working on playing with editing my photos, thinking about adding a gallery here. So, the blog is still active again. More will be here soon.