Been mostly drawing lately.

Not a lot of writing to share, but here’s a little busy bee. Tried to make her back leg look like it was fading into the morning fog, not sure it looks like that to me anymore. My wildflowers for pollinators should be coming up soon, I look forward to chasing down the native bees with my camera again.

Plans for Spring

I had it in my head this spring I would play with my flower photos while dreaming up monsters, playing around with a “shadows in springtime” type theme. I suppose that may still happen, but in the meantime, I seem to have been seized with the desire to draw a coloring book or three. Since my typical story subjects aren’t exactly something that should be alongside coloring pages that kids might want, I’ll be putting a new blog up soon, but I’ll post updates here as well, as some of y’all have kids. Or the desire to color yourself.