New Blog

Okay, because I don’t think I should mix my pursuit of drawing coloring pages for my daughter and my love of writing dark and bloody short fiction, I started a new blog today, This last year or so have made my usual beloved genre a little too triggering to my PTSD, so I’m diving into my nature pursuits for a while. I saved notes in all my darker projects to make it easy to return to them after I’ve had a little breather. In the meantime, please enjoy my first coloring page.

Plans for Spring

I had it in my head this spring I would play with my flower photos while dreaming up monsters, playing around with a “shadows in springtime” type theme. I suppose that may still happen, but in the meantime, I seem to have been seized with the desire to draw a coloring book or three. Since my typical story subjects aren’t exactly something that should be alongside coloring pages that kids might want, I’ll be putting a new blog up soon, but I’ll post updates here as well, as some of y’all have kids. Or the desire to color yourself.

The Seduction

Red rose macro, a few raindrops on the petal. Yes, it's real rain. I tried a shot of it against a rainy sky. Didn't pan out.

Decided to share how I shall open my novel.

“My heart is in the forest. You say you can see it in my eyes. You say you know the forest is dark, you say I must be lost and alone.

My mouth opens. It is filled with birdsong and cherry blossoms. Dewdrops fall from my lashes. I move, and it is the rustle of things hiding in the shaded undergrowth.

In the circle we make as we lean close and entwine our fingers, you smile, you nod in understanding. Your mouth opens and flowers tumble to the table.

They are made from folded paper. I open one, numbers dance across it, synchronized, flowing along the outline of trees that fall and crumble into more paper. They dance in patterns that comfort me, and still I shiver.

I shiver as you whisper words of agreement and understanding, words that fall shiny from your lips, words that shatter as they tumble, crackling like thin ice, sparkling like diamond dust.

I look for the forest in your eyes. I see myself reflected there, under the shadows of your lashes, like bars of a cage. You murmur of love, of the kindness you will show as you take care of me.”

From the journal of Lillian Anderson

Close up of a rose with raindrops.

At some point

I realized the journalist I was writing about was the narrator of another story idea I had shelved, that she had written a “true crime” novella (set in this fictitious city) that the locals were quite proud of. So, I seem to now be spending some time working on that novella idea, with her as the voice. I’m writing the book my character wrote, I’m going to make the book do quite well within the story, it all feels a little vain and creepy, and I’m going to do it anyway because I can.

It’s a simple story though, and one I’ve been in love with for a long time, but have avoided writing because it’s kind of really dark. That’s a lot, from me.

Well, I have a new laptop.

But, obviously, I didn’t get to finish participating in Grim List. I have decided to take the story idea and develop it into a novella. However, I think I want to smooth out some world building details first. I’ll probably post some flash while I world build. While I think about Liffey, I’ll probably be working on playing with editing my photos, thinking about adding a gallery here. So, the blog is still active again. More will be here soon.

Public Notice

I had an accident. So, it may be a while before my laptop is replaced, because I’m holding out for one that can handle video editing in higher resolutions. I will still finish this series of flash I had planned, but it will come out later. Since I won’t be releasing them in a timely manner, I’ll probably go ahead and turn the flash into a novella, then hire an editor.

Fresh Start

I’m doing a little restructuring of my blogging habits. Once upon a time, there was another blog, one that held all of my fiction, and here I talked about my life as a writer. In the process of keeping two blogs, I began to realize that blogging was eating into writing time that could be spent focusing on working toward a novel. Writing time is precious when you are raising a small child. So, I took some time away from the blogs, hoping to rectify that. It didn’t work. Probably because 2020 is a cesspool.

I think writing the occasional bit of flash was keeping my creativity flowing, so I need to return to it. However, it’s with a different goal. I’d like to develop a little town with the possibility of recurring characters and settings. I’d also like to remove my personal goal of keeping stories around 500 words, while it’s helped my berevity, it seems to have damaged my ability to develop things into longer stories. To this end, I’ve taken all of my writings of of both blogs, because projects I’ve babbled about are shelved, and many of my previous stories will be revised, developed more, and re-released.

So. October is a few days away, and that’s the coolest month of the year. Last year, I participated a little in Grim List, a Twitter prompt game. Even back then, I kept thinking about this little town I’m about to finally focus on developing, as last year one of the prompts led me to write a little snippet from the town’s local newspaper. Here is information about Grim List, and the next post will be a slightly revised version of last year’s piece, to introduce the town.