Releasing My Photos Under Creative Commons

A rose with a black cloth draped behind it, in a small glass vase, surrounded by fairy lights.

I’ve been playing around with photography for a while now, as an extension of my writing. I try to look at the world through my character’s eyes, take the photos from that perspective, and look at them when I need to take a quick break and mull something over. Or, I will play around with a photo or two, see if I can make some art of it. Sometimes, I just go out to chase bugs and find plants to identify. What I’m saying is, I’m no pro but I’ve ended up with a whole hoard of photos that I’m just hanging on to for no apparent reason.

I also end up with a few strange things that I sometimes stare at while I think. It’s better than a wall.

So, I’m releasing them into the world for fellow creatives to use. I’m only doing minimal touch ups, most of the time I don’t adjust the color at all, so people can tweak it to suit their needs. I am doing spot touches on things like dog hair sticking to the backdrop though. Since I work on this stuff while I’m writing, I’ll be releasing it in themed batches that will suit what I need to think about as I write, in some random manner that may often only be apparent to me.

This month’s theme is Dark Love, because Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I figured out a way to celebrate while developing character background at the same time. You should swing by and check out my albums, you might find something you want to use on a blog post, album or book cover. Alter any way you like, I would like attribution though. Also, I’d enjoy seeing art you made with it. Some of what’s there: