So I got a Wacom digital drawing pad for my birthday.

Line drawing of a venus flytrap, the only color is red in the open traps, and a red tinge to the "teeth". A fly perches on it, lightly colored with blue, green, and cream tones.

The Seduction is being animated. It’s going to take a while, I stopped drawing on a regular basis when I was pregnant with my son (fingers swelled up too much to hold a pencil, then no time), and that son is now 18. My eyes are horrible, and fibromyalgia makes holding a pencil an act of endurance. Thankfully, I can be stubborn. Now that I can draw digitally in a more comfortable manner, and I can zoom in to ease the strain on my miscreant eyes, this is going to happen. Eventually, but I’m loving the process.

The Seduction

Red rose macro, a few raindrops on the petal. Yes, it's real rain. I tried a shot of it against a rainy sky. Didn't pan out.

Decided to share how I shall open my novel.

“My heart is in the forest. You say you can see it in my eyes. You say you know the forest is dark, you say I must be lost and alone.

My mouth opens. It is filled with birdsong and cherry blossoms. Dewdrops fall from my lashes. I move, and it is the rustle of things hiding in the shaded undergrowth.

In the circle we make as we lean close and entwine our fingers, you smile, you nod in understanding. Your mouth opens and flowers tumble to the table.

They are made from folded paper. I open one, numbers dance across it, synchronized, flowing along the outline of trees that fall and crumble into more paper. They dance in patterns that comfort me, and still I shiver.

I shiver as you whisper words of agreement and understanding, words that fall shiny from your lips, words that shatter as they tumble, crackling like thin ice, sparkling like diamond dust.

I look for the forest in your eyes. I see myself reflected there, under the shadows of your lashes, like bars of a cage. You murmur of love, of the kindness you will show as you take care of me.”

From the journal of Lillian Anderson

Close up of a rose with raindrops.